Angler Survey Committee (ASC)

The Angler Survey Committee (ASC) is an AFS committee that is jointly housed in both the Fisheries Management Section and Fisheries Administration Section. The ASC fosters a network of fisheries professionals with interest or expertise in creel or angler surveys and provides a forum for addressing common issues and key needs within the community. For a more detailed description of the duties and purpose of the ASC, see the ASC Bylaws.

ASC Subcommittees

Fishery professionals connected to angler surveys have a wide range of interests and needs; thus, to better serve ASC membership, we developed four sections focused on specific topics related to angler surveys:

  • Survey Design and Estimation Subcommittee focuses on improving the design of surveys to gather angler data and subsequent estimations from these data.

  • Data Management Subcommittee focuses on the practices and tools for the management of angler survey data.

  • Human Dimensions Subcommittee focuses on research topics revolving around human dimensions and social science research in fisheries.

  • Emerging Technology Subcommittee focuses on utilizing emerging technology (e.g., electronic self-reporting, remote detections) to deliver angler estimates.

ASC Membership

Committee membership is open to any AFS member in good standing. To join the ASC mailing list, where information is shared on future webinars and workshops led by the ASC, please fill out this short form. Current ASC members, and Subcommittee Chairs can be found using the ASC Directory.

ASC Quarterly Webinars

On a quarterly basis, the ASC holds virtual webinars with presentations on topics of interest to the working group with a focus on innovative research related to angler surveys. Calendar invites for ASC webinars are sent to all current ASC members. The upcoming webinar agenda (July 24) can be found at this link. If you are not currently an ASC member, and would like to attend an upcoming webinar, please contact Dave Smith ([email protected]) to request a calendar invitation.

See playlist below for recordings of all prior webinars.


Angler Survey Methods and Their Applications in Fisheries Management  (Pollock et al. 1994)