Early Career Professional Exchange Program


A program to support the exchange of a Early Career Professional with other professional fisheries societies, including but not limited to the Institute of Fisheries Management, the Korean Fisheries Society, and Australian Society for Fish Biology, for the purpose of disseminating and gathering information regarding fisheries science and management, developing collaborative relationships with international colleagues, and representing the Fisheries Management Section and American Fisheries Society as a highly professional and knowledgeable resource.


To establish a long-term international exchange program, by which Early Career Professionals can interact, disseminate and gather information, techniques and practices that will collectively advance our profession


  • Contribute a presentation
  • Participate in field trips or conference related activities, summarize what we learned and how it differs from the U.S., in a Fisheries column
  • Identify society individual(s) with similar research interests, and interview regarding:
    • How they disseminate information (e.g., which journals, which meetings)
    • Who they consider to be important contributors in the subject area
    • Their view on the biggest challenges coming up in fisheries science
    • Their view on the role of their society in developing fisheries professionals
  • Meet students/ECPs from the society [IFM], and participate in roundtable discussion or events


  • Fisheries column on the exchange trip and interview
  • Disseminate similarly to all supporting units in their preferred manner
  • Real time communication (i.e. social media)