About Us

The Fisheries Management Section is composed of people who wish to develop, apply, and evaluate effective management concepts or techniques as well as programs in education and information to solve fisheries management challenges. The Section promotes the exchange of fisheries management information and the results of applied research among professionals, students, user groups, resource management agencies, and the general public who share interest in fish and the habitats supporting them. The Section sponsors workshops, symposia, topical sessions at professional meetings, and special projects to examine fishery management challenges. Section membership provides a credible voice for a wide range of fisheries management issues. The Section continues active involvement with legislative initiatives as well as governmental and private-sector activities which affect the quality and extent of all fisheries. Selection of activities for Section involvement results from individual member initiative.


  • Developing and maintaining an association of persons interested and involved in fisheries management and development
  • Promoting sound fisheries management practices and developing new management concepts and techniques
  • Encouraging professional growth among Section members and others interested in fisheries management and growth of the fishery management profession by holding meetings and sponsoring workshops, symposia, and publications to disseminate information related to all aspects of fishery management
  • Encouraging publication of case histories, policy analysis, and evaluation of management programs
  • Promoting communication between fishery managers and researchers, employers, educators, legislators, and the public
  • Providing a forum for identifying, focusing attention on fisheries management and resolving issues and problems