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Fisheries Management Section
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Title: Inland Fisheries Management in North America, Fourth Edition

Project description:
We are in the planning stages of a revision of Inland Fisheries Management in North
America (IFMNA). The book was originally developed by fishery scientists associated
with the American Fisheries Society (AFS), particularly the Education and Fisheries
Management sections. The overall purpose of the book has been to describe the
conceptual basis and current practices used to manage freshwater and anadromous
fisheries of North America. The first (1993), second (1999), and third (2010) editions of
IFMNA were published by AFS, and is widely used in university fisheries management
courses for juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Although the book is designed as an
educational tool, the text appeals to a broad audience and is regularly used as a
reference for practicing fisheries professionals. As such, the text directly contributes to
the mission and objectives of the Fisheries Management Section. Previous editions of
the book have covered fishery assessments; habitat and community manipulations; and
common practices for managing stream, river, lake, and anadromous fisheries. Other
chapters have focused on history; ecosystem management; communication with the
public; management of introduced, undesirable, and endangered species; and the legal
and regulatory framework for modern fisheries management. The purpose of the fourth
edition remains the same as earlier editions, but there is a need for an up-to-date text
that addresses emerging issues in fisheries management, incorporates recent
technological and social developments, and uses new literature in support of the
concepts and methods presented in the book. The first three editions of IFMNA are
among the best-selling books produced by AFS because they are widely used in
introductory fisheries management courses and as reference material by fisheries
managers and research scientists. The third edition was published in 2010 and is
quickly becoming outdated. A fourth edition is needed to maintain a tradition by AFS
and the Section to provide current and effectual educational and reference material for
fisheries scientists.
AFS will cover the bulk of the production costs (see the included AFS Book Proposal for
details), but we seek additional funds to support the services of a graphic artist. The
graphic artist will work with the editorial team and authors to ensure that graphics (e.g.,
figures, diagrams) are consistent across chapters and of the highest quality.

Time to completion:
A tentative timeline is as follows:
Chapters drafted: May 1, 2022
Chapters out for review: May 1, 2022—July 1, 2022
Reviews returned to authors: October 1, 2022
Revisions completed: February 1, 2023
Final editing, reference checking, permissions completed: May 1, 2023
Submission to AFS Editorial Office: May 1, 2023

Amount requested: $5,000

Other funding sources:
AFS will be funding the majority of the production costs (~$75,000). We are also
requesting $5,000 from the Education Section.

Acknowledgement of Section’s support:
The Fisheries Management Section’s contribution will be clearly identified with a
“preamble” indicating that the text is a special project supported by the Section.
Contributions will also be acknowledged in the preface (see the third edition for an
example). In addition, the Section’s contribution will be highlighted whenever the text
is marketed.

Disposition of unused funds:
Unused funds will be returned to the Section.

Requestor information:
Three co-editors will be leading this effort:

Michael C. Quist
Assistant Unit Leader
U.S. Geological Survey, Idaho Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
875 Perimeter Dr. MS 1141
University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho 83844
(208) 885-4064; [email protected]

Daniel A. Isermann
Unit Leader
U.S. Geological Survey, Wisconsin Cooperative Fishery Unit
College of Natural Resources
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481-3897
(715) 346-2178; [email protected]

Melissa R. Wuellner
Associate Professor
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Department of Biology
Bruner Hall of Science
2401 11th Avenue
Kearney, Nebraska 68849-1140
(308) 865-8006; [email protected]