2010 Business Meeting Agenda

Sunday, September 12, 2010, 3:00-5:00 p.m., Westin Hotel,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Welcome and Announcements (Ron Essig, FMS President)
    • Acknowledgement of current and past officers
    • Current AFS issues (Don Jackson, AFS President or other AFS Officer)
  • Approval of Minutes of 2009 Annual Business Meeting (Brian Graeb)
  • Review and Approval of Financial Report (Brian Graeb)

Old Business

  • FMS Awards (Dirk Miller)
    • Hall of Excellence inductee
    • Award of Excellence
    • Conservation Achievement Award
  • Book Project Reports
    • Inland Fisheries Management in North America, Third Edition $5K (Wayne Hubert/Mike Quist)
    • Biology and Management of Walleye and Sauger in North America $5K (Patrick Hanchin/Brian Graeb)
    • Second International Catfish Symposium $5K (Tom Lang)
  • FMS Assisted Symposia at AFS 2010
    • American shad and river herring restoration (Bill Richkus)
    • Emerging issues affecting functional connectivity (Ron Essig)
  • Other Reports
    • FMS/FAS exchange program with the Institute of Fisheries Management (Ian Dolben, IFM Chairman)
    • Urban and Community Fisheries Management Committee (Tom Lang)
    • FMS Newsletter (Quinton Phelps)
    • FMS Web Page (Fred Janssen)
  • Requests for Funding
    • Online database of standard sampling comparison data $10K (Scott Bonar)
    • Hutton program donation
  • Outgoing President Remarks

Installation of New Officers

New Business

  • Incoming President remarks (Dirk Miller)
  • Other